The Best Ski Resorts in Georgia

The Best Ski Resorts in Georgia

Winter in Georgia is just the best season. That is mainly because of the fantastic ski destinations that are there. Whether you want to enjoy it alone, with friends or even with your family, let them all tag along. There are just the best spots you may want to give a try. There are the popular destinations and a few that joined quite recently like three years ago that we will also list.

Around ten years ago, skiing was a well-kept secret in Georgia. It was very well known by a number of locals and the most advanced level ski maniacs who have always loved snowboarding and skiing. There has been a significant change though as the Georgia ski hype has spread and gone around the great state of Georgia and in the world at large.

Throughout Europe, everyone knows something about this great skiing zones and resorts in Georgia. The ski lifts are a mix of the new and the old ones having additions of new high-speed elevators every year. Below are some of the favorite spots for the significant revelers and enthusiasts of skiing and snowboarding in the great state of Georgia.


Some of the few unique features that make Mestia a place to go to are cheap accommodation, the historical view of the backcountry, culturally unusual nature and of course the fantastic terrain of this beautiful Ski resort. Mestia is the capital of the Svaneti region which is home to Georgia’s Svan minority with a unique taste in architecture. 

There are two other major ski resorts just adjacent to this ski area, Tethuldi and Hatsvali. This ski area is best for the intermediate level skiers all the way to the expert skiers. The English speaking instructors are not easy to find, and beginner areas are not well developed.


This fantastic ski resort boasts of a few significant characteristics that define it distinctively from the rest. That is a powdery form of ice, no many crowds and there is also cat skiing for the cat ski lovers. This area is not very steep, and this is quite a plus for the beginners. There is one hotel, two lifts, plenty of snow and relatively flat terrain.

The location of Goderdzi lies on a pretty terrible road whereby only high-clearance 4WD vehicles can easily access without much hassle. This ski resort is most suitable for intermediate skiers who are content with fluffy powder but are not very much okay with steep slopes. Even for those free riders who would like to resort to skiing a cat skiing, they are not left out. They may comfortably ski in a very remote area available here.


What makes Gadauri stand out from the rest? It is most definitely the easy access that you get to enjoy when making your way here. The epic backcountry view is just refreshing, can you imagine skiing on reasonably great heights and being able to view the other side of your country over a distance away that would be very amazing. It is also a right place for beginners, get ready and start packing for Gadauri.

This resort offers a broad range of terrain for all ages and ability levels. Whether you have a kid accompanying you or are a novice, an intermediate level still trying to get your confidence in check in skiing, this is the place for you. Gadauri is also the most developed ski town, growth is quite rampant in this area, and be a part of this growth! There are new hotels, restaurants, ski lifts and activities coming up every other day.

It is suitable for all types of groups. Families, friends, solo travelers can all find an interesting skiing or non-skiing activity for the non-skiers to enjoy themselves in. This resort is easily accessible from Tbilisi by hitchhiking or by a car or even a bus.


This place is kid friendly because of the precautionary measures in place with instructors all over the place in watch and guarding everyone here. The prices are quite pocket-friendly and attracting. The location is less touristy than other resorts hence less busy. Bakuriani is only a 4 hours’ drive from Tbilisi. It consists mainly of beginner-friendly slopes which are fairly steep but not too steep to scare away newbies.

There is only one lift access with much steeper terrain; this may be more exciting and attracting for the expert skiers and the standard ones. There is a little annual snowfall when compared to the other ski resorts. If you visit this place on the right day, it could be so much fun for the advanced skier due to the less crowd population of tourists.

There are some very astonishing hotels and restaurants you may want to try out. This place is convenient as it is accessible by a train, a car or a marshrutka. There very little English recognizable here and hence the instructors may be mostly conversant with the local tourists. This advancement explains the lower prices.

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