The best-rated resorts in the Washington state

The best-rated resorts in the Washington state

Washington is one of the best states among them all because regardless of the time of the year, Washington never lacks a fast pace recreation to keep you busy and active on the outdoors. All this of course while also entertaining you. During summer biking, hiking and camping at night will stimulate you, but during winter you should always be ready for some chilly amazement.

During winter, two major sports and activities dominate the slopes. This sports are snowboarding and skiing. There are many ways to navigate your way down to the Mountains in Washington. The various ski resorts have variations in some ways. For instance, the type and amount of snow they receive may not be the same or a constant.

Contrary to that, there is one similarity that is genuinely refreshing. The exhilarating feeling of stepping off the chairlift into a winter magic land. This experience is the common factor for all the ski areas in the mountains in Washington. Below are a number of the best resorts in the state of Washington.

The Summit of Snoqualmie

This magnificent skiing area comprises four mountain bases. These are the Summit East, the Summit West, the South Central and the Cumulative Summit at Snoqualmie being the closest ski resort to Seattle. This Summit accommodates all categories of the Puget Sound skiers and tourists. It has a location that is very convenient, and that is why it is a popular destination.

Many people from nearby counties and the Outskirts of this mountain found it very easy to access it and hence can pay it as many visits as they wish to. This resort is a world class winter terrain in Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest that maintains the running of the chairlifts. This epic scenery with an extensive area is home to more than 100 runs and over 2000 skiable areas which you need to venture into at some point in your winter holidays.

There are 50 kilometers of well-kept Nordisk trails which lead out from the well-built resort. These trails offer a smooth road which ensures safe and comfortable gliding if the skis through the skiing slopes. The Summit at Snoqualmie has a lot of winter recreation value even if you do not come from Seattle.

Stevens Pass Resort

This well-built resort is vast, and it cuts across three sides of two different mountains. It is the top-rated skiing area according to the residents of this place and as per the athletes eh have been here for professional sporting. Washington skiers agree to this ranking as well. This Resort has more than 1200 acres to explore and 450 inches of average snowfall during each winter season.

All the snowboarders and skiers under each category, i.e., the intermediate level in the middle, the advanced level, and the beginners all get to enjoy the extensive variety of runs. Stevens Pass Resort provides them with their ten high-speed chairlifts.

The non-skiers are not in any way left out. They still get to enjoy the fantastic moments in this resort from the wide selection of the dining choices available. For instance, the Cascadian kitchen that offers a lot of warm spots to dry your coverings for warmth.

 There is also night skiing during the peak winter months. This time is when you get to enjoy the skiing as not many people are practicing this sport.

Mountain Baker Ski Area

This Ski area is strategically existing. It is an hour away from the North of Bellingham in Northern Washington. This resort is where Mountain Baker Ski Area lies. This resort also happens to share a border with the North Cascades National Park. It has not less than 1000 acres of skiable areas. These skiable areas lie between the motivating peaks of Mountain Baker and Mountain Shuksan.

The amount of snow that this resort receives is roughly 600 inches of snow each season which is more than any of the ski resorts in Washington. That means that powder days are more common than ever at this moment. This Ski area has well-groomed paths and broad tree lines together with a large terrain park. All the levels and categories of skiers have a sufficient representation in this ski area.

The ski season lasts for 150 days which most winter athletes can agree. Mountain Baker Ski area is most definitely the best ski resort.

Crystal Mountain Resort

This fantastic resort stands near the shadow of Mountain Rainer National Park. It provides more than 2600 skiable acres to venture. Crystal Mountain Resort has ten chairlifts and only one 8-passenger Gondola to rise into the sky above. With the suitable weather, in the chairlift is where you can get the best view of Rainer while skiing downwards on a slope.

Its location is under two hours from both Seattle and Bellevue. The Crystal Mountain Resort can have some chairlift pathways on weekends. Being the largest ski resort in the state of Washington, you can find a lot of mountain area to venture into all by yourself once you get to the top of the mountain.

49 Degree North Mountain Resort

This Resort is not more than 60 miles to the North of Spokane in North Eastern Washington. It is the exact location of the 49O North Mountain Resort. It surrounds the Chewelah peak and is an obvious delight in the Snowboarding and Skiing regions. Most of the popularity of the North Mountain Resort has its ties to its impressive 2300 acres of skiable land.

The 50 different oaths also illuminate its recognition. The extra amenities available here are Saturday night skiing and the Annual celebrations, e.g., Hawaiian days. Entertainment never stops at the 49O North Mountain Resort and its amazingly unending ski terrains.

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