Skiing in the great state of Arizona

Skiing in the great state of Arizona

Outdoor recreation is abundant, but only the best sports account for the most entertaining and fun giving outdoor activities. Especially in winter, all you need is to suit up and get all the necessary gear because the sport you have been yearning for all year is finally waiting for you to explore it. Skiing and snowboarding are among the best games you might want to try out in this state of Arizona.

You define a beautiful day in the slopes with an eerie feeling, chilly air on your cheeks, and a new smear on your feet as you get off the clear lift and receive the breathtaking atmosphere of the landscape from the uppermost point of the mountain. Even if you are not a fun of slopes, we will not leave you to only stare at the skiers; there are other fun non-skiing amenities in this resorts which you can also be part.

Telluride Ski Resort

It has a location in the Rocky Mountains at the South Western corner of Colorado. Telluride Ski Resort occupies more than 2000 skiable acres. This resort is quite family friendly and has a wide range of fun attractions. Apart from skiing, there are also other fun activities including snowmobiling, snow biking, ice climbing, dog sledding, and fat bike touring.

If you need to break from the chilly cold, then take a look at the Telluride Adventure Centre or visit the Historical Museum. This way you can heat up a little and avoid the freezing nature of the cold weather. Whenever you are tired after a morning on the slopes, pamper yourself with a dozen local and euphonious centers. All you need to do is choose because there are many to select from this list.

Sunrise Ski Park

This marvelous park boasts of three mountains. That is the Cyclone Peak, the Apache, and the Sunrise Peak. It has a location that is 200 miles from the Phoenix and Tucson which are the most accessible resorts for the valley residents.

Any level of level skiers and snowboarders, from the beginner’s level to the advanced level not forgetting the intermediate level can access the 65 runs of this resort. If you cannot jump on board or brace yourself with a pair of skis, there’s more. Sunrise Ski Park offers sledding, ice fishing, Sleigh rides, tubing, and zip lining.

Aspen Snowmass

Why should you settle for less when there more to enjoy with Aspen Snowmass that has four mountains. These mountains are Snowmass, Buttermilk, Aspen Mountain and Aspen Highlands. You can tour the ski area as many times as you please, only coming across different terrains along every corner you cut without repeating the same run.

The Aspen Mountain is where the Audi FIS world cup finals took place. Get a chance to ski the very same runs that the World cup finalists went through. Enjoy the mountainside yoga which is also available in Aspen Snowmass. In Aspen Highlands is where you can ski with the locals and get to interact with a majority of them. For a more classic ride, get to ski in the Buttermilk Mountain. Buttermilk hosts the Red Bull Double pipe event and the Winter X games.

Arizona Snowbowl

You can find this Snowbowl from within the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff which is only 150 miles north. The almost 80-year old Arizona Snowbowl relieves Phoenix residents of the heat all year round. Some Bilingual instructors teach skiers on how to ski and snowboard. All levels of skiing can be shown how to ski, from the advanced level to the beginner level.

In addition to skiing, here is a scenic chairlift, mountainside dining and disc golf which can be very helpful for relaxing. There are lodgings for this resort is being very close to Grand Canyon and Flagstaff, make sure you visit them.

Vail Mountain

This is the third largest ski resort in the United States. Besides being the third largest, there is something which is very special with it. It requires a few keen glances to see what is genuinely magnificent about this excellent mountain resort. This superb mountain has three parts which constitute the whole resort. These three sections are the front side, the back bowls, and the Blue sky Basin.

The Back Bowls is where the real enjoyment exists. It is where you can be sure to get the most out of the Vail Mountain. These Back Bowls consist of the China Bowl, the Siberia Bowl, and the Sun up Bowl, the Teacup Bowl, and the Sun down Bowl, the Mongolia Bowl and the Outer Mongolia Bowl. All of this Bowls guarantee you an excellent experience of the Black diamond streams.

You may also enjoy and become a part of the great Mountain tubing experience. It is here that the United States open Snowboarding championships took place.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Squaw Valley has been chosen to be the best ski Resort by the United States of America in North America. Its fame began back in 1960, when the winter Olympics took place here. Currently Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has over a hundred well-maintained trails with a local and domestic feel.

Its location is suitable for skiing into spring. There are great deals here, for example, the fly in and ski free which is viable only on the same day of course with a boarding pass to prove. Besides skiing, there is snow tubing, high stream rides, and dog sledding.

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