Ski Resorts in the state of Illinois

Ski Resorts in the state of Illinois

Also known as the land of Lincoln, it may not at first glance seem to have any skiable areas. The country may not hit you as a ski destination. Owing to its ample snowfall over the past few years and seasons, it qualifies as a skiing area. The mountains that are in Mississippi river offer hilly areas which are the best for skiing.

There are the best sceneries for you to enjoy as you ski and watch other skiers enjoy their cruise as a non-skier. There are many ski resorts in the state if Illinois which are suitable for various categories of people and groups. As always families are always a priority.

There is a familiar atmosphere for skiers on the state of the Prairie. With most resorts sitting close to the land of Chicago, revelers get the chance to enjoy fresh air and snow play while enjoying the escaping of the city scene. For all that Illinois can offer, below are some of the best resorts and skiing areas.

Ski Snow star

Ski Snow star is a well-known family-friendly resort in the hilly areas of Andalusia; This resort has 28 acres of skiable terrain. The family-friendly nature is on account of the many social amenities available that are suitable for the families and also the care and protection that the staff here at Ski Snow star give to the visitors and residents of this fabulous resort.

There are 14 trails from the beginners to enjoy and get their new skills in check ready to learn more in the skiing world. The advanced skiers can also be a part of this 14 trails cruising through the more challenging trails leaving the easy ones for the beginners. There is a very rigid lift system which can handle 10,500 guests per hour. Is this even possible? It is possible with the highly qualified technicians who service and maintain the lift system.

This unique tubing hill on the Ski Snow star sends the skiers and snow tubers on a 68-foot vertical drop. That is a worthwhile experience that leaves you flabbergasted and even wanting more skiing from the very top point of this marvelous skiing spot. There are 30 guns at this resort which guarantee 100% coverage as you masquerade the trails.

There is a 13% rating for the trails accessible by the beginners with another 52% rating for the path open to the intermediate level skiers and finally a 35% rating for the ski enthusiasts who can take on skiing anywhere at the resort, the advanced level.

There is a day lodge which has a cafeteria, a bar, a pizza and sub shop which revelers may pop in to get a slice or a gulp of the best tastes around. There are fireplaces and other outdoor cooking areas where you can roast your barbeque slices.

Villa Olivia Country Club

This Country club is a four-season resort that has its location in Bartlett. There are common activities for all the ski lovers. That is skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing. It could be very dull for these non-skiers not to enjoy the snowboarding and snow tubing activities. All these activities are the most popular in the winter months. This resort boasts of a 180 vertical drop. There are a quarter mile long run and a quad chairlift.

These are some of the features of the resort that make it admirable and a go-to place more and more. Viva Olivia Country Club has a ski school which trains all ages and levels of skiers how to ski, snowboard and snow tube. The primary skill to learn is skiing when you know this the rest are just but a walk in the park. There are both private and group lessons depending on how much attention you need from the best skiers come trainers.

Young skiers from age 4 take part in the Ski Wee program. There are 11 trails with a rating of 40% for beginners, 50% for intermediates and 10% for advance. That means that you must be the best to ski the most challenging areas. The pros love it this way! There is a cafeteria within this Country Club that serves lunch on Tuesdays to Fridays and brunch on Sundays at the cool Oak room.

Chestnut Mountain Resort

Chestnut is a Galena ski resort. It sits just above the Mississippi River. Chestnut Mountain Resort has 220 acres of groomed trails with the most notable vertical drop in the state. With four triple chairlifts and 2 Quads, it has a rating of 30% for beginner trails, 40% for intermediates and 30% for the advanced level.

Four Lakes Ski Resort

This resort is well seated in the Chicago area with an allowance for both residents and visitors. There are skiing and snowboarding activities in Lisle, Illinois because of this great Resort. There are seven ski slopes with 9 acres of groomed ski land.

 This resort has a 100-foot vertical drop. The challenging terrain for snowboarders makes the skiing very interesting especially for advanced skiers; they love challenges. 

Four Lakes Ski Resort has a ski school where four-year-old kids and those with ages above four years can get training on skiing. Young skiers need to be at least 60lbs to be participants. It is a small resort but with fantastic reviews. The ratings for the trails are 30% for beginners and 70% for intermediates.

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