Should You Still Go Skiing During The Pandemic

Should You Still Go Skiing During The Pandemic?

How Will COVID-19 Affect Skiing?

Huge fan of skiing?

As the pandemic ruined your plans on going on a skiing trip? 

With the presence of COVID-19, it might be tough to go skiing at all the beautiful resorts.

However, we do have some good news for you – there is a chance you can still continue skiing!

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To ensure that the spread of the virus does not happen at an alarming rate or rapidly without control, the government has put in place many measures to ensure that safety precautions are taken. 

Question is, should you still go skiing during the pandemic?

Well, early indications have shown that, as of now, it is safe to go skiing.

This is with the help of the many restrictions put in place, as much the chances of contracting the virus is relatively low.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has found evidence from many small-scale studies that most of the COVID-19 transmission is more likely to happen when indoors, in confined spaces.

Still, it is known to spread even at outdoor events with huge crowds. 

The Cervinia tourist office has stated that there has been an increase in the number of customers skiing at a good thirty percent, and adhering to the measurements without any problems.

In addition, these resorts have no records of COVID 19 cases. 

Zermatt also boasts of similar success.

It states that its number of customers to the ski areas have increased too.

The only difference between then and now is that when in the cable cart, the customers are required to have their masks on as well.

This is because there has always been the rule of being one and a half meters apart when skiing.

With all this good news, where can you go this winter?

If you are keen and interested in going skiing this winter, here are a few things you should take note of. 

In Val d’Isere, the resort has limited the number of people on the Pisaillas glacier.

For the purposes of ensuring social distancing, there was a very strict limit of only five hundred visitors a day in their first week.

However, it has increased to six hundred.

It is required though, to do online reservations.

This is to ensure that arrivals and departures are staggered in a way that reduces the chances of overcrowding. 


In this season, Val d’Isere will have all three hundred kilometers of slope open.

This also includes those that it shares with Tignes. 


The same goes for Europe. Most of their resorts are fully open for the coming winter.

Other countries such as Switzerland and France, are planning to open and welcome customers back to ski in the winter too. 


Austria, too, is preparing to open up its resorts, but they are still in the midst of preparing their safety guidelines for the season.

Resorts said to be open include St Anton, Zurs-Warth, Stuben-Lech, and Mayrhofen. 


In Italy, skiers are able to book vacations to Cortina and Sauze d’Oulx. 


It is good to note that if you intend to visit Europe, most of their apres-ski events will be limited or not happening.

This also includes indoor gatherings.

One example would be the Tignes tourist office organizing concerts twice a week from a floating barge with the intention of limiting the crowd size.

Social distancing is still important and very heavily implemented.

So, when would be the best time to book a trip to go skiing?

The answer is, in winter. Many resorts have stated that they can book without much fear in those seasons.

This is because although safety guidelines for both the national and regional levels are still implemented all throughout the Alps, it is said that not many additional restrictions will be added to those already placed in the summer. 

It is expected that many people would rather book their trips very last minute to avoid risking any last-minute cancellations.

However, that does not mean that you cannot start booking today!

In fact, many people have been booking already ever since the restrictions on flights were implemented.

For example, Crystal Ski Holiday has had a one hundred and twenty-five percent increase in the number of bookings since the announcements were made about flight restrictions. 


However, there are companies such as Skiworld, which has reduced the number of chalets open in 2020.

What is the best way to travel to my ski resort?

There most definitely will be an increase in the number of self-driven ski trips and many have already expressed their interest by contacting ski operators.

The Eurotunnel in the UK is advising people to drive themselves.

This ensures that they have their own space bubble and reduces the opportunity of mingling with others so as to maintain a proper social distance. 

You could also take the rail service.

It would be a better experience than taking to the skies or driving yourself. 

In the event that the restrictions put in place because of COVID-19 change, whether your ski trip is still a go depends on the rules placed by the government.

However, it is said that the industry is quite confident that its slopes will remain open.

However, there is news from scientists who expect there to be an increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the winter.

At Snowcarbon, ski tour operators and accommodation providers are offering a full hundred percent refund guarantee if a cancellation is made because of COVID-19 issues.

This then will encourage more people to book and travel to go ski. Most of the hotels and tourist facilities have relaxed their cancellation rules from 2020 to 2021 to help build their customers’ confidence in them.


In conclusion, there is no harm in booking a ski trip for you and your friends this coming winter.

What matters most is that when on the trip, all safety measures and precautions must be adhered to strictly to ensure that the pandemic would not spread even more

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