Our Favorite Ski Resorts In America

When planning to ski during the holidays, one might think of France, Switzerland, and Italy first instead of the United States, with how extrovertedly those countries have boasted about their ski resorts, alps, and formed as part of their national identity. That is why we’re here to share about the best ski resorts in the States so that you know that they’re not to be missed out on when planning for a memorable winter getaway!


We have compiled a list of the best ski resorts we know of, whether they are inclusive destinations for the new and the advanced snowboarder, the acres of snow in the area, the diversity of their terrains, and whether these destinations offer a variety of activities for you to kick back and have fun after a long day of skiing. 


Before planning your trip, however, here’s a reminder to first do some follow-up research as these resorts and their specific events could be affected by the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.

Aspen Snowmass, Colorado

Highly favored by celebrities, this ski resort caters to those across a wide range of ski expertise, from the seasoned to the amateur. With it being located in Snowmass which is the largest of the four Aspen/Snowmass mountains, stretching as wide as 3,362 acres, it’s no wonder that it can provide a variety for all! Enjoy Ullr Nights while you’re there, a festive event where you can get a bonus adrenaline rush in the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster which zooms along an elevated track through the forest!

Park City Mountain Resort, Utah

If you enjoy being immersed in a place rich with history AND skiing, Park City Mountain Resort is just the place for you! Take part in an enriching skiing tour of Park City’s old mines that remain an important part of its history today. Having some booze after skiing always tastes better for some reason, so enjoy their extensive liquor options! You can also opt for some handsome horses to bring you on a relaxing sleigh night ride.

Vail, Colorado

With such a diverse landscape, Vail offers a large number of trails that cater to everyone, from beginners to the pros! 47% of the terrain is appropriate for those just beginning and those of intermediate level, while the other half is for those equipped with high-level skills looking for a challenge. After skiing, you can look forward to warming up on the heated cobblestone streets. If you still have the energy to spare, try descending 3,400 feet down the mountain in Vail’s exhilarating Forest Flyer Mountain Coaster!

Telluride Ski Resort, Colorado

Looking for a friendly resort that can get you started on your introductory skiing? The Telluride Ski Resort is the perfect place with almost 60% of its trails being beginner-friendly! This is the ideal place to pick up skiing and snowboarding at the comfort of your own pace. 


For those more skilled, you can look to visit the extremely challenging trails. Still not satisfied with the challenge? This resort also offers heli-skiing! You heard that right. Get dropped from a helicopter to shred through trails, summits, high alpine basins, and criques for the ultimate adrenaline frenzy!


Join in some of their other exciting tours too, such as the snowmobile or ice climbing tour!

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

Having the longest uninterrupted vertical ascent out of all U.S. ski areas, this 4,139-foot rise is sure to satisfy those who adore wide open spaces! Bonus if you happen to have a sweet tooth and an interest in sightseeing, this resort also offers an Aerial Tram up 10,450 feet where you can sink your teeth into warm delectable waffles. Consider ending your evening with the local wildlife and ride a horse-drawn sleigh to the National Elk Refuge, or take part in a calorie-burning bike tour!

Big Sky Resort, Montana

Believe that you can stand at a peak that would have you looking at multiple states? At Big Sky Resort, you get to see not just three different states, but also two National Parks!


If your patience is on the shorter side and averse to queueing, this resort offers 36 of its state-of-the-art Lift System that shortens the time it takes on an elevator dramatically. After taking a break from skiing, take some time out to try their 1,500-foot adventure zip line. You can also try out their scenic snowshoe tour, and look out for Yellowstone National Park from the snow coach!

Whiteface Mountain, New York

Don’t let the smaller number of trails here fool you, this resort offers a good mix of runs that cater to skiers of all levels. For the history buff, this location was where the 1980 Olympics were held. Backtrack in history by visiting the Olympic center store, a museum, and the Olympic village! If your legs are still kicking for another activity, try your hand at riding on an Olympic bobsled.

Breckenridge, Colorado

With five separate peaks, some of which go even above their treeline, Breckenridge’s ski resort caters to both adrenaline junkies and leisure skiers. Its breathtaking mountains are also a treat for scenery lovers looking to sight-see. 


While you’re there, get a Breck Guide to impart some backcountry skills while giving you a tour of the five mountains! Those looking for a more laid back itinerary and want to reconnect with nature, why not have a ranger give you a tour through the forest?

Stowe, Vermont

A picture-perfect place, this resort is a place for thrill-seekers and scenery lovers. With a calm and idyllic environment, this resort also provides the best atmosphere for a gondola ride up the state’s highest mountain, Mt. Mansfield, along with ample chances to explore over 18 miles of untouched wilderness. 


Burlington also lays nearby and is known for its rich food scene and for having the best craft beer in the state. So drop by and treat your taste buds!

Sun Valley Resort, Idaho

Ideal for those who enjoy communal living, this resort has its own resort village and resort-wide buses equipped with fixtures to transport your skiing equipment. Hopefully, that lifts your worries of figuring out your transportation woes.


Sun Valley is also known for its brilliant rays, hence the name, so look forward to beautifully lit photos and a clear ski view! Composed of the Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain, this resort also offers a Mountain Masters guide to help you conquer the most challenging trails available. Those seeking the extra thrill can opt to do heli-skiing to really dive into the most exciting activity!


Afterward, why not reward yourself and wind down in the village with a horse-drawn sleigh to a cabin for dinner?

With these recommendations, start planning for your well-deserved winter holiday today! After all, there is no better time than now to plan for your ideal holiday and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

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