Minnesota Ski Resort – Guide

Minnesota Ski Resort – Guide

The winter season will be on its full swing in a few weeks and what’s a better place than Minnesota to enjoy the winter season. Minnesota offers a handful of options for winter sports and the state is filled with a variety of ski and snowboarding resorts. With so many ski resorts to choose from, Minnesota should definitely be your first choice if you want to make your winters full of adventure and thrill.

Beginner Ski Resorts In Minnesota

Mount Ski Gull

Mount Ski Gull Ski Resort is located on the splendid shores of Gull Lake and is just a few minutes away from Brainerd/Baxter and offers its visitors amenities like Downhill skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, cross country skiing. The ski mountain has a vertical rise of 230 ft, a summit elevation of 1515 ft and a base elevation of 1285 ft. There are 12 trails and three triple chair lifts. The terrain is mostly for beginner level of skiers with 30% marked as advanced, 30% intermediate, and 40% beginner. Overall Mt. Ski Gull offers challenging winter sports activities in a fun and healthy way. You can also enjoy night skiing at this resort.

Intermediate Ski Resorts In Minnesota

Lutsen Mountains

Lutsen Mountains is one of the largest and highest ski resorts located outside of Alaska with four mountains. Nestled in the rugged Sawtooth Mountains which is a part of the Superior Highlands on the north shore of Lake Superior. Lutsen Mountain Ski Resort offers its visitors 92 trails spread over an area of 1000 acres with a vertical rise of 825 ft. The longest run at this resort is two miles long and there are artificial snowmaking facilities available. The base elevation is 863 ft and the summit elevation 1688 ft.

The resort has 9 lifts with one being a gondola lift, one triple chair, one surface lift, and seven double chairs. Overall the lifts can transport 10000 people to the summit every hour. Lutsen Mountain has trails mostly of intermediate and advanced difficulty level with 47% as intermediate, 25% as advanced, 18% as beginner, and 10% as expert difficult level. Other features at the resort include snowboarding, cross country skiing, and Lutsen Mountains has 4K of ski trails around Ullr Mountain that are accessible by chair lift.

Giants Ridge Ski Resort

Located just an hour from Duluth, Minnesota, Giants Ridge Ski Resort offers its visitors 35 ski runs spread over an area of 202 acres of skiable area. The resort has over 60 km of cross country trails and a snowboarding terrain park plus lodging facilities at the resort. Giants Ridge resort receives 85 inches of annual snowfall, has a base elevation of 1472 ft, summit elevation of 1972 ft and a vertical rise of 500 ft. The longest run at Giants Ridge is of 3960 ft and the trails are mostly of beginner and intermediate difficulty levels with 44% of trails as intermediate, 32% as beginner, and 25% of trails as advanced. The resort has two triple chairs, three double chairs, and one surface lift and a carrying capacity of 7000 skiers every hour.  Other features of the resort are snowboarding, night skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoe trails, and snow tubing.

Afton Alps Ski Resort

Afton Alps Ski Resort is locate in St. Paul, Minnesota and offers skiing and skateboarding facilities. The resort has forty-eight trails spread over 300 acres of skiable area and three rental shops along with a high-end rental center. Afton Alps Mountain has a summit elevation of 700 ft, base elevation of 350 ft, and a vertical rise of 350 ft. The resort receives 55 inches of snow annually. The resort is an ideal destination for intermediate skiers as 56% of the trails are labelled for them. Rest of the trails are divided as 27% for beginner and 17% for advanced. Skiers can ski in the night as the resort has night skiing facilities available.

There are four terrain parks in the resort and the landing zone terrain park is serviced by two rope tows.

Buena Vista Ski Area

Buena Vista Ski Area is located in Bemidji, Minnesota across the continental divide. The resort has 16 runs with the longest being 2,000 ft with a 230 ft. drop. This resort has runs mostly of intermediate levels with 56% being intermediate runs, 28% beginner runs, and 17% advanced runs. The resort has six lifts; 2 surface lifts, 2 double chairs, 2 triple chairs.

Buck Hill Ski Resort

Buck Hill Ski Resort is located in Burnsville, Minnesota and at first look it may look like a small ski area, but it is a reputed resort that has produced racers like Lindsey Vonn. Enjoy and express yourself with soft landings and freestyle airbag. The ski mountain has a base elevation of 949 ft, summit elevation of 1211 ft and a vertical rise of 262 ft. The resort has 16 trails with 38% classified as beginner and intermediate and 25% classified as advanced. The resort receives an annual snowfall of 60 inches and there is artificial snowmaking facility available. The mountain has 9 lifts, 6 are surface lifts, 2 are quad chairs, and one triple chair.

Spirit Mountain

Spirit Mountain is a family ski and snowboarding resort located outside Duluth, Minnesota. The mountain has a base elevation of 620 ft, a summit elevation of 1320 ft and a vertical drop of 700 ft. The resort has 21 trails with 43% marked as intermediate level and 29% advanced, and 29% beginner. There are 7 lifts with one each being high speed quad chair, quad chair, double chair, and 2 each being triple chair and surface lifts.

Advanced Ski Resorts In Minnesota

Andes Tower Hills

Andes Tower Hills is located in Kensington, Minnesota and offers winter sports activities like skiing, cross country skiing and snowtubing. The ski mountain has a summit elevation of 1620 ft, base elevation of 1330 ft, and vertical rise of 290 ft. The mountain has four lifts; 1 quad lift, 2 triple chairs, and 1 surface lift. The resort is an attraction for advanced and expert skiers as the trails are 44% advanced, 1% expert. The rest of the trails are divided equally between intermediate and beginner level.

Coffee Mill Ski Area

Located in Wabasha, Minnesota, Coffee Mill Ski Area offers a unique ‘bowl’ arrangement for lift access and protection against cold winter winds. Abundant growth of birch, oaks, and pines obscure one run from the other. The mountain has a vertical rise of 45 ft and 14 trails. The resort is mainly an attraction for advanced and expert level skiers with 42% advanced difficulty and 5% expert difficulty; 33% of the trails have beginner level difficulty and 25%intermediate level difficulty. The resort has two double chair lifts and one surface lift.

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