Is Skiing Dangerous

Is Skiing Dangerous

With most activities and sports there is always a risk of injury or worse case death, but with the proper equipment and training these risks can be reduced. 

While any mountain activity is risky, there are an estimated 200 million skiers and about another 70 million snowboarders worldwide so statically speaking severe injuries and deaths are rare.

Is skiing safe?

Yes, skiing is a safe sport to participate in, there are risks associated with it, but with the right knowledge, skills and equipment it is a past time enjoyed by millions all over the world.

I am going to try and explain to you how to reduce the risk massively so that when you hit the slopes you can do safely and have some fun.

After all, you are on holiday you want to have some fun.

How to stay safe when Skiing?

First thing would be to have a decent level of knowledge and skills, its always best to learn from an experienced person, whether that be at your local indoor ski slope or an instructor on the mountains – they will make sure you have the correct posture and important skills like stopping.

Also having the right equipment for you is key, that means both in terms of the equipment being up to a condition and not damaged. They don’t have to be the top of the range of equipment, just equipment which is in a good working condition.

Also, equipment needs to fit, if your a female then the equipment needs to be for a female skier (some equipment is gender neutral so doesn’t matter)

How common are ski injuries?

Severe injuries are very rare, minor injuries like bruising and sprained ankles are a little more common.

What injuries can you get from skiing?

There is a wide range of injuries can occur when you are skiing. Knee injuries are common, mainly because its not your natural movement. Anterior cruciate ligament damage is also common.

Skiers tend to put out their arms to break a fall, shoulder injuries can occur, such as sprains and dislocations.

Another area which is common injuries are fractures around the shoulder and lower leg.

Can you break your foot skiing?

In theory, yes but because of the snow boots, this is very unlikely.

Can you die from skiing?

Like anything in life, there is a risk of death from skiing, but there is also a risk of walking down the straight and being killed.

Being sensible and having the right equipment and training will greatly reduce these risks down.


One of the key ways to help make skiing less dangerous is to understand the impact the weather can have when you’re on the slopes.

What are good skiing conditions?

Ideally the temperature should be around 20 to 30 degrees F. At this temperature its cold enough that the snow won’t melt and go slushy, but not that cold that your freeze on the hills.

Just after a light snow shower is a good time to ski, with a fresh layer of powder snow this can help when travelling downhill.

Is it safe to ski when it is snowing?

Is it better to ski on fresh snow?

Is it OK to ski after rain?

What happens if it rains while skiing?

I hope this article hasn’t put you off skiing, in fact I hope its done the opposite and made you more determined to go by proving just how safe the sport can be.

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