A Guide to the Skiing areas in Nevada

A Guide to the Skiing areas in Nevada

Many people would like to think of Nevada as a barren, dry land with many rocky terrains. That is not the case as this state is more of dynamic. The landscape is favorable to those with the best skills in snowboarding. As per the Bureau of Land Management, Nevada has many mountain ranges and steep slopes as compared to other states In the United States of America.

The location of Nevada is also very convenient and strategic. With the closest resort only 45 minutes driving time, this offers the best experience not far from your home area. With another 15 minutes, you get to enjoy even better amenities in the ski resorts. If it is worth the drive, why not?

Nevada city is thought many times to be below the snow line, but you may be mistaken because of it some of the most massive mountains in the United States. What is skiing without the height, this state has this great height perfect for skiing adventures.

With the best cross-country ski trail systems, Nevada offers some high-quality skiing potential. Below are some of Nevada’s most beautiful resorts.

Mt. Rose

This resort is Lake Tahoe’s biggest ski destination. Most of the resorts are on the Californian side with only two at the Nevada side. Among this two, Mt Rose is the bigger of the two. This resort boasts of a steep and challenging skiing zone. What is a skiable area without challenging areas? Challenging is fun for the expert skiers. There are fewer tourists most of the time, and hence the resort is less touristy.

The atmosphere is low key. That is mostly a suitable condition for the beginner level skiers who love it when it is as serene as possible so that they can learn without much confusion. Within less than half an hour, you can get at Mt Rose all the way from Reno. 1200 acres are worth skiing. The vertical feet from the very top point is 1440 feet.

This resort has Lake Tahoe’s highest resort base area at 8260 feet, and it receives 350 inches of snowfall every year. For Nevada, this is quite a high level of snow and, this means more fun for the advanced level ski enthusiasts. It is a small resort when compared to other Tahoe resorts. There are affordable hotel rooms in this resort. When you decide you have not had enough of Mt. Rose, you can spend the night at these hotel rooms.

Non-skiers and skiers together appreciate the illuminative characteristics of the Sapphire blue waters of the Lake Tahoe. There is a close park to this resort where they have kids’ programs.

Sierra Nevada Ski and Mountains Resort

This great Resort is a very renown one. Everyone is talking about it; if you haven’t been here making a point of visiting it, you will not be disappointed. Sierra Nevada Ski Resort is only 32 kilometers away from Granada. Granada is the closest city to this Resort. The nearest village is Monachil which is 20 Kilometers from the resort. The slope has a direction facing the North Western Orientation.

The lowest level of the resort or the base level is 2100m. The top station, on the other hand, is 3300m. This resort enjoys an excellent vertical drop of 1200m (3940 feet). There is a whole 380, 00 ha of skiable area. The length of the slopes with markings is 110 kilometers. The total number of runs where the skiers get to navigate the great Resort are 128.

The green runs for the beginners which are very easy are only 19. The beginners also get a few slots for other routes in the Blue runs which are the easy ones that are also 19. The intermediates can have almost the whole of the skiable area with a massive 52 runs available in the skiable area. Those are the red runs which are the difficult ones.

The few unfamiliar experts can try their luck here before advancing to the challenging ones. The advance runs which are also the black runs are only 7. You must be a pro to cruise in this ones. There are some runs for the snow park, for those who would love to visit the snow park, there are seven runs.

The longest run is in El Aguila which is 6.253 kilometers. The snowmaking capacity for this resort is 350 canons. There are 21 lifts, 2 Gondolas, 14 chair lifts, one ski lift, and one conveyor-carpet lift. There are 400 snowboarding and ski trainers. The Resort houses 2644 parking spaces underground in the Car Plaza in Andalucía.

Elko Skiing

This resort is in North Eastern Nevada. It is the home to Elko snowball and the only ski resort in Eastern Nevada. With 700 vertical feet, three lifts and a selection of beginner and intermediate terrain, Elko Skiing resort is a fantastic place to be. This resort only opens on Weekends between January and March. There is a challenge in the Elko area which you can be a part.

The Ruby Mountains offer the best Heli-experience that takes skiers and riders into the remote 11000 foot the Ruby Mountains for powder riding in the steep terrains and the chutes. There is a hotel, Ranch where guests can have delicacies like garnet meals.

Ski Las Vegas

Ski Las Vegas is a popular resort with the Nevada ski-cape. It is a city that hosts gamblers in the hot desert. It is fantastic to know that it also has a ski resort named after it. Within 50 miles from downtown in Las Vegas, Ski Las Vegas has 11 trails of skiing.

There are vertical stops for lifts at 860 feet. Hiking can boost that to 2300 feet. There are only 140 inches of snow each season. This resort is in Southern Nevada.

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