A Guide to Skiing in Louisiana

A Guide to Skiing in Louisiana

Louisiana is a city in Missouri. It is one of the most outstanding accolades in the United States. Boasting of lagoons, lakes, swamps, and rivers it contributes to an epic scene for your next skiing escapade. Your level of skiing should not be of worry at all to you. Whether a beginner, in the advanced level or even the intermediate level, there are places you can always go skiing.

You also do not need to necessarily own twin-tip skis or snowboards for you can hire some and enjoy the skiing. The weather in Louisiana may not be the best for outdoor skating, but technology has always been the solution. 

There are a few indoor spaces that are popularly known for skiing. Below are some of the great skiing zones and ice rinks that are available in the great state of Louisiana. 

Planet Ice Rink

This rink is a multifunction ice coliseum that is in Lafayette, Louisiana. It is the standard home ground for the game and practice rink for the college. All the way from 2015, the facility has also been the home area for the Louisiana Drillers from the North American 3 Hockey League.

There is specialized training that goes for eight weeks for first-timers. In this case, participants get an introduction to the basics of ice skating in a fun, amicable and safe training environment. This program encourages skaters to remain enthusiastic about skiing from the beginning to the day when they are the best at it.

Skating coaches here are members of the United States Figure Skating (USFS) and the Ice Skating Institution. You can be sure of quality ice training, and these are the best. Power skating is also available in this ice rink. Power skating involves the improvement of the skater’s agility via the lower body endurance. It will only cost you $10 for a walk in this all in one ice rink.

There are also freestyle sessions. Just by the sound of the name, it is a free session where skaters can showcase their best moves without any particular routine or learning requirements. Here skaters have to be at the intermediate level if not the advanced level. There is minimal supervision here, and hence it is best if only the one with excellent skills and body balancing abilities while skating try this.

Penguin Ice Skating

Penguins happen to be the friendliest animals on earth. Even though they live near the ocean, whenever they are on land you can see how they are calm and supportive mostly to the infant penguins. In South Louisiana, you may not think or have any idea regarding winter sports.

 Esplanade mall has now opened its doors to a new ice skating arena. It is on the second floor of this shopping mall. The idea for this rink was brought up by Zanolli and her business associate who is a former hockey player. Hockey players may know the importance of ice rinks more than any other person.

The rink comes from of a synthetic ice surface. Think about it, how do you think an artificial ice surface looks like, well do not believe so much visit the Penguin’s ice skating arena and you might not want to leave. It has a plastic cutting board that has a solution to make it skiable.

After you put on some real ice skates on it, everything you can do with real ice you can do on this plastic. This skating comes with skate aids for hire to kids to help them gain confidence as they master how to balance.

Fun Nation

The name itself says it all; there is plenty of fun and enjoyment in this place. This place is a skating rink and a family fun Centre. It is in town at Lafayette. The significant activities here are roller skating and soft play. There I an adequate indoor play area.

You need a band to make an entrance to this fun arena. Only non-skating adults who are accompanying kids can enter without groups to ensure the safety of their kids. Children of ages 2-10 may choose between skating and soft play or play both sports. Ages 11-18 must purchase a skating band.

There are unique offers for each day of the week apart from Monday and Wednesday when the Centre reserves special places for parties and celebrations.

Baton Rouge River Centre

Where can you get your skating skills sharpened and get to showcase the best you have? It is time to show off your ice skating skills only because ice skating indoors is now possible. At the Baton Rouge River Center. This Centre is suitable for all ages.

There are no age restrictions, only caution and supervision is strongly advisable for the kids mostly. There are 75-minute sessions almost every day for only $12 per person. There are also special group packages available for parties with over ten people.

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