A Guide to Ski Areas in Connecticut

A Guide to Ski Areas in Connecticut

The best thing you could ever do during winter in Connecticut is to move out and get active. The terrain for getting active is widely available and suitable for outdoor activities and sports. The best one is through skiing. For the best and breathtaking downhill and cross-country skiing, Connecticut is the place for you.

In addition to these skiing methods, there is tubing and snowboarding which you can enjoy on this extensive lands of Connecticut. What is your favorite way of spending the holidays and weekends? Whether it is a day trip, weekend or longer gateway, all these plans are well executable in the excellent skiing areas and resorts of this great state.

This state has the best choices for all the ski enthusiasts for all levels from the advanced level all the way to the beginner’s level. There are very adaptable family-friendly winter ski zones for both kids and adults to enjoy. Get your best gear and prepare to hit the hills and slopes with the best available skiing areas.

If you are searching for the best skiing spots, look no further. Let us take a look at a few of the best ski areas in the state so that you do not have to guess the next time you are looking for the best places to take a skiing adventure. There is no need at all to seek adventure out of this fantastic state.

Mohawk Mountain

This site has some notable history. A man by the name Walt Schoenknecht crated the Mohawk skiing zone. Walt worked with a technical team to create and develop the very first snowmaking system. In a resort that could support skiing options, this was a very noble idea.

It also happens to be the largest skiing site and yet the largest in Connecticut. It has several trails, twenty-five of them with 12-night skiing trails, 112 skiable areas, eight lifts and 350 viewing acres of the state forest. It boasts of a discovery Centre where skiing and snowboarders get to sharpen their skills.

 The newbies are not left out as the trainers’ work day and night to train those who are new to skiing and snowboarding. There are development programs whereby people of all ages and skill levels can interact and further their skill levels.

 There are several repair and maintenance services. Just in case any of your electrical machine like the vehicles have a fault do not be in worry, the site workshop here will take care of any technical glitch for you.

Ski Sundown

It is a very welcoming skiing zone. Ski Sundown is suitable for both adults and kids. If you are looking to perfect and advance your snowboarding or skiing skills, then this is the right place for you. This fantastic ski zone is in New Hartford. It has 16 trails, for which 15 are for lighting, necessary for the nighttime skiing. Majority of the trails have a low difficulty.

 Almost anyone can use this trails. Four are intermediate, and another three are difficult. This ski area is where the experts meet up and challenge omen another. The mountain at Ski Sundown has 100% snowmaking capabilities. Thus it ensures the skiing areas have beautiful lines with smooth and icy surfaces which makes skis to glide down the king path smoothly.

This zone has an amazing 1075 foot summit elevation which ensures a smooth downhill movement of the skiers without any much difficulty. There are two terrain parks for different skill levels. The square on Tom’s Treat has one of the more natural trails for the beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders.

The advance park is one Stinger which a dark complexion diamond stream which offers C-Rails, S-Rails, Cannon Rails, Lift towers, 32 foot down rail, barrels and the Un-bow. There is a large area for the skiing lessons with small and larger magical carpet. There are over 200 determined staff members. These staffs offer professional and encouraging guide for you to improve your skiing skills.

 The staff members offer daily lessons to adults and kids of ages 4+ of any skill stage or level. There is a lodge area within this skiing zone that has ample space and has big windows that non-skiers can view the action in calmness. Inside the lodge, we have food areas where you can grab a bite and a snow sports school.

Powder Ridge Park

This park is a quick drive from Hartford, Waterbury, and New Haven. This resort is well-known in the state of Connecticut. It features twenty-two trails having to fill terrain part features throughout the mountain. There are 80+ skiable acres to venture. 

42% of the mountain is rated for beginners 37% for intermediate and 21% for the advanced level skiers. There is a variety of trails and welcoming staff who that makes you love everything about this great park.

Wood bury Ski Area

It is known to be the very first ski area to open up every year and the last one to close. People can’t get enough of it. It is an excellent place to ski and or ride. Woodbury Ski Area is located in a valley hence appropriate for the winter season. 

This phenomenon allows it to trap air at an altitude of 900 feet that behaves like an insulator enabling cooler drier air to settle slightly below the elevation. There is a temperature difference of +10 degrees Fahrenheit above the trapped area.

It has a ski and snowboard school where you get to learn about your equipment, add-on styles and get a comprehensive view of tactics of skiing.

Mount Southington

It is like an outskirt just off Interstate 84. It offers a wide range of terrain for both experts and beginners. There are 14 show trails in Mount Southington, and technicians have grooved it to cater for all styles on the 51 glide able acres.

There are amazing ski and riding lessons for both kids and adults. The instructors can help one in choosing the best from the available lesson plans.

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