A Guide to Massachusetts Ski Areas

A Guide to Massachusetts Ski Areas

It is a time of the year when winter sets within your home area. You wonder what you could do in this Season. Massachusetts presents to you with one definite answer and of course the best locations. Skiing is your outdoor sport, and with the many skiing areas in Massachusetts, you can be sure to have the best time in your skiing adventures. 

For beginners, there are some locations you could try. The Bland ford ski area which is one of the eldest ski clubs in America. There is also the Dartmouth Ski way that has 25% of the streams dedicated to beginners and an extra 25% left out for challenges to the advanced skiers. With a terrain park, this ski sport offers an activity for every one of your members of the family.

The Best Ski Resorts in Massachusetts

Ranging from the little ski areas just on the outskirts of Boston to the bigger resorts near the New Hampshire, these destinations offer tubing, intimate atmospheres, night skiing, and beginner lessons. These are the most popular in the hilly regions of Boston where you can explore skiing massively.

Blue Hills

It is the closest resort ski to Boston, and you will not have to travel much to get to it. It is only a 40 minutes’ drive from Boston. It has a tiny skiable terrain but for a quick way to have fun with beginners this area is sufficient. For 80% of the ground, night skiing is available.

Blue Hills is most famous for day trips from Boston it is not necessarily a tourist destination. There are small-town restaurants and shops here around Dedham and Norwood.

Pats Peak

Pats Peak has 28 streams that you can navigate using the eleven lifts that have been in service since the end of 1960. 50% of the trails are left out for beginners while 30% of the trails have ratings for expert skiers. There are three terrain parks built for different abilities and children enjoy testing their capabilities through the parks.

There is free Wi-Fi in the lodges and night skiing on all the terrain. There are options you can make besides skiing which is tubing and snowboarding. There is a pleasant valley for the territory.

Wachusett Mountain

This resort is a small but glorious one offering riders and skiers soft terrain that is accessible via 19 trails and six lifts. The ground is mostly intermediate friendly, and a magic carpet serves a beginner training area and a swift quad offer for first timers. This Quad offer is a chance to upgrade their skiing laps.  There are dining and lodging packages by the major chain hotels such as Hilton which provide ski and stay options.

Gunstock Mountain

Gunstock is the most family-friendliest style resort known for intimate atmospheres, activities and its steep pitch. With a small mountain of 227 acres, it boasts of a definite quality of trails for the varying capability levels.

The ones who are intermediates will get the most relevant slopes. The lift setup here is less modern than in other New England resorts as there is only one high-speed quad.

The Lost Ski Zones

Massachusetts has two particular areas of lost ski zones; the western zone and the eastern zone. The Western regions tend to have more vertical, larger lifts and are closer to the New York City markets. The Eastern areas, on the other hand, are small having mostly few rope tows or T-bars.

Below are some of the lost areas;

Boston Hills

Bob Dunn founded this hilly zones. At first, there were rope tows and a J-bar lift. Technicians installed a double chair in the area around the 1970’s when the area added several more slopes. Legislation blocked this area and posted no trespassing.

Happy land Ski Area

The name of this area sounds so calm and serene but it very sad that it is a part of the lost sites. It is among the ancient sites which owe existence to the current skiing areas. The areas never had many activities back then unlike today comparing technologies in the old days and now. 

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