A Guide to Maine’s Best Ski Areas

A Guide to Maine’s Best Ski Areas

Maine Ski areas are a full-service package destination which you should yearn to visit. Maine has some major world-class skiing areas that have most of the essential ski amenities and other extra amenities that will make one not want to leave Maine. Some of the most exciting snowboarding terrain of New England is right here in this marvelous state.

The regions’ mountains have everything from the 2800 ft. vertical altitudes all the way down to the slopes. Many revelers love the high areas for skating; they are seen to be more fun and exotic as you get to view the great scene of the hilly regions and mountains you head downhill.

With state-of-the-art snowmaking and grooming and some of the most significant terrains of skiable areas, there is nothing that is impossible when it comes to skiing, snowboarding or snow tubing in the great resorts of Maine. The unlimited amount of well-kept trails is an attraction in itself to the many ski enthusiasts. Below are some of the major Ski Resorts in Maine.

Saddleback Ski Area

This Resort is the highest base elevation of any ski area in New England. Many people love this great height because they can view the vast terrain from the great heights of this well-established Ski Resort. In Saddleback you are sure to get some classical New England skiing. The skiing that takes place here is of ancient history with a twist of modern flair and incredible views of the Rangeley Lakes regions.

To get to the Upper Mountain, you need a little help from the Kamebago Quad chairlift. This chairlift is well maintained to withstand the weight of the average man. This chairlift is capable of delivering skiers and snowboarders to very challenging terrains, e.g., Wardens worry and Nightmare Glades. We have 66 trails that are a composition of the excellent runs lining up this ski resort.

Among the trails are 25 trails for beginners, 19 trails for intermediates and 22 for the experts. The expert level skiers mostly love the most challenging terrains, and 22 trails is an adequate number to increase the chances of getting some of the complicated but skiable areas.  There is five lift whereby 2 are Quads; there are 1 T-bar and 2 Double chairs.

There is an 85% level of snowmaking. There are lodges and amenities for those who would love to have a bite for the tasty treats available. There is the fantastic Timber frame Base Lodge with rental and ski shops.

Abram Mountain

This captivating resort is in Greenwood. It is indeed a big mountain. Its name is quite fascinating; many wonder whether it could be named after the famous Abraham in the Bible in fact after he got a conversion. That remains a mystery as to why the name is Biblical. The terrains and areas are well split to cater for the various levels.

The beginners can get lessons at the Westside. There are trainers here and also an ample space where beginners can try out safely for their first time. The intermediate level can see their way to the Cruisers like Dudley Do-Right and Bullwinkle. The experts who always love some special attention can have a cruise at the double black steeps of Rocky’s Run.

There are races on a weekly basis, and those who are well conversant with the routes and steep paths of this vast terrain can compete as racers. There is a 1325 foot flying squirrel park for snowboarding. There is also a special lift here in Mt. Abram which guarantees you more fun. There is backcountry skiing for those not from this state but the adjacent states of the mountain.

Abram Mountain has 44 trails where 10 are for beginners, 21 for intermediate level skiers and 13 most difficult trails for the enthusiasts. This resort has five lifts including 2 Doubles, 1T-bar, 1 Handle Tow, 1 Carpet Lift and 1 Tubing Tow with two lanes. The snowmaking capability for this resort is 85%. We also have a ski school, day care and rentals for the ski equipment.

Sunday River Ski Resort

It has its location in Newry. It is an interconnection of 8 mountain peaks with high capacity high-speed lifts. There is a guarantee of snow here at Sunday River Ski Resort. With an expansive 820 acres of terrain, there is the North Peak Lodge which is a typical joint for meeting up. Twilight skiing is a thing in this resort on the South Ridge and the North Peak, and you can enjoy this on weekends and Holidays.

This resort has a vertical drop of 2340 foot. There are 135 trails. There are 38 for beginners, 52 for intermediates and 45 for experts. The lifts are 15 in total with a division of 1 High-Speed Gondola, 9 Quads (4 High Speed, 3 Triples, and 1 Double) and one surface lift. There is a 92% snowmaking ability in this region.

Sugarloaf Ski and Golf Resort

In the Carrabassett Valley, is the Sugarloaf Ski Resort. It is the top year-round go-to destination for skiing. It boasts of the largest ski area in the East of the Rocky Mountains. With a vertical drop of 2820 foot and 1056 skiable acres, it has 154 trails.

There are 34 trails for beginners, 49 for intermediates and 63 for experts. We also have 14 lifts: 5 Quads, 1 Triple, 6 Doubles and 2 Surface Lifts.

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