Ski and Snowboard Season Events

Ski and Snowboard Season Events

As the winter starts to settle in, there’s plenty of reasons why the biggest ski and snowboard season events are starting to come into view.  Between December and February throughout the upper hemisphere, some of the biggest ski and snowboard championships and competitions start to take place, and to really take shape. 

In this guide, we will take a look at some of the biggest and most popular events and competitions set to take shape during the cold snap.  The FIS, otherwise known as the International Ski Federation, largely plays host to some of the biggest events throughout the winter, hosting a number of annual world cups for a variety of winter sports disciplines.

Why not take a close look at which events are currently unfolding now?

Current Ski and Snowboard Competitions

Whether you’re based in the US, Canada or UK, there are plenty of big events and championships coming up in the weeks to come.  This means that whether you’re keen to head out to the slopes to see some of the best winter athletes take on a challenge or two – or if you simply prefer watching from afar – you’ll have plenty to get involved with.

While we’ve already seen a recent Winter Olympic Games unfold in South Korea, this doesn’t mean that winter sports have to sleep throughout the year otherwise.  Here are just a few of the big ski and snowboard season events unfolding in the approaching weeks:

  • SuperTour
  • FIS Alpine Ski World Cup
  • FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup
  • FIS Cross Country Ski World Cup
  • LAAX Open
  • Winter X Games

There are plenty of world cup events which unfold from September through to April each year in the upper hemisphere.  Various winter events which take place in New Zealand and Australia will take place during UK and US summers – for obvious reasons!


The US SuperTour is a fantastic opportunity for winter athletes specialising in cross country ski and snowboard disciplines.  Taking part each year between December and April, the SuperTour is split into four periods, ending in series finals taking place at Presque Isle in Maine, US.  It’s the perfect way for international stars to show their sporting mettle across North America in the height of winter – only ever for the brave!  The following tours each contain a mix of classic, sprint and freestyle events – meaning that there’s something for everyone.

  • SuperTour Period 1
    • December 1st – 2nd West Yellowstone, Montana
    • December 8th – 9th Silverstar, British Columbia
  • SuperTour Period 2
    • January 3rd – 8th Craftsbury Common, Vermont
    • January 25th – 27th Lake Placid, New York
  • SuperTour Period 3
    • February 15th – 17th Minneapolis Saint-Paul, Minnesota
    • February 23rd American Birkebeiner, Hayward, Wisconsin
  • SuperTour Period 4 – SuperTour Finals
    • March 28th – April 2nd Presque Isle, Maine

FIS Alpine Ski World Cup

The FIS Alpine Ski World Cup has been a huge event in the winter sports calendar since 1967, and is currently celebrating its 53rd year. 

  • Current Men’s Events:
    • 3rd Week of December: Parallel Giant Slalom, Giant Slalom and Traditional Slalom events across Austria and Italy
    • 4th Week of December: Downhill and Super Giant Slalom events in Italy
    • 1st Week of January: Parallel Slalom in Oslo and Traditional Slalom in Zagreb
  • Current Women’s Events:
    • 3rd Week of December: Downhill, Super Giant Slalom, Giant Slalom and Traditional Slalom events across Italy and France
    • 4th Week of December: Giant Slalom and Traditional Slalom events in Semmerling, Austria
    • 1st Week of January: Parallel Slalom in Oslo and Traditional Slalom in Zagreb

FIS Freestyle World Cup

The FIS Freestyle World Cup has been an annual fixture supported by the International Ski Federation since 1980, and in its 40th year, this expansive festival is playing host to aerials, ski cross, slopestyle, halfpipe, mogul and big air events.  The current festival started in September 2018 and is one of the most popular ski and snowboard season events.

  • Current Men’s Events:
    • 3rd Week of December: Skicross in Innichen, Italy and Halfpipe in Secret Garden, China
    • 2nd Week of January: Moguls in Calgary, Canada and Slopestyle in Font Romeu, France
    • 3rd Week of January: Skicross in Idre, Sweden, Moguls in Lake Placid, US and Aerials in Lake Placid, US

Cross Country World Cup

The FIS Cross Country World Cup is the perfect opportunity for male and female cross country skiers to really show their mettle on the international stage.  The 2018 season began in late November in Ruka, Finland – and it is set to conclude, along with other major yearly events, in late March.  The final events will unfold in Quebec, Canada.

  • Current Events:
    • 4th Week of December: Sprint F and 15km F events in Toblach, Italy
    • 1st Week of January: Sprint F in Val Mustair, Switzerland, 15km C and 15km F events in Oberstdorf, Germany and 15km C and 9km F events in Val di Fiemme, Italy


Referring to itself as the most important snowboarding event across the European mountains, the LAAX Open is an annual event which takes place at the LAAX Skiresort.  It’s hidden away up in the Swiss Alps, and the LAAX name is known by perhaps all professional snowboarders taking part in yearly events.  Boasting huge entertainment events and sporting spectacle alike, it’s a huge festival for all fans of winter sport.

  • Set to take place from January 14th to January 19th 2019.  Daily events likely to include halfpipe and slope snowboarding.

Winter X Games

The X Games are an incredible mix of the most exhilarating winter sports and a stack of great music and live shows, too.  It is once again being held in Buttermilk Mountain, Aspen – arguably one of the most spectacular locations for alternative sports and music.  It’s set to play host to a number of big names in live music and is one of the most popular winter attractions on the ski and snowboard events calendar.

  • Set to be held between January 24th and January 27th 2019.

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