Longest Ever Ski Jump – Video

Longest Ever Ski Jump – Video

A new record has been set, the longest ever Ski Jump.

First of all, while I would love to do this, I just don’t think I have the balls to try. We have all seen the achievements of Eddie the Eagle in the winter Olympics and thought we can do that, but after watching the film, I quickly realised it’s not for me. Maybe, maybe one day i might try the beginner jump.

One person though he isn’t afraid is Stefan Kraft. The conditions were perfect and as you can see from the video below you can see he sets a new record.

In fact what is more scary is that he almost runs out of slope, these pro’s are used to landing on inclines of around 30%, however he isn’t far off landing on the flats – how he doesn’t tumble with such a landing is impressive in it self,, never mind the new world record.

While 11 men have jumped over 250 metres and 1 woman has jumped greater than 200, the organisers usually limit how far they can jump, by where they start.

If the conditions are favourable they start further down the slope to reduce the maximum speed and therefore distance they travel, whereas in strong winds or other unfavourable conditions they start further up the slope to make it more of a contest for jumpers and more enjoyable viewing for the spectators.

It’s up to the judging panel where the start is.

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